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TRACK BY TRACK: Delightful Downfall

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Chicago’s Delightful Downfall may have released their debut “A Better Place” a year ago, but they continue to build a strong fanbase around the soaring rock record.  We’re taking the album Track by Track to give you a closer listen to the efforts of Delightful Downfall.

Fall Away” opens to some ambient sounds before Nick Barelli’s guitar starts delivering a fast riff to rev up the song.  Immediately apparent is the first dose of the unique, but subtle, electronic elements that are built into Delightful Downfall’s sound.  These generally emerge as an accessory, they never really take center stage which is a well thought out formula on their part.  What they do create is a deeper sound for the band that couldn’t be pulled off with the instruments that their wielding in their hands.  This electronic addition is well executed and continues brilliantly throughout the album.  It’s not quite Linkin Park, think more Lost Prophets.

“Through It All” is a catchy song that shows the vocal talents of Mike Kehoe.  It has a great swagger thanks to Barelli’s guitar that is only further enhanced through Joe Hammond’s bassline.  Steve Eldridge is a monster on the drums as he craftily works in some lightning quick fills that feel like they are on turbo compared to the rest of the song, but he fits them in remarkably well.

“Break Me” is a fast paced tune, with some great backing vocals in the chorus.  Hammond’s bass again sets a flawless foundation for the song.  Nick Barelli has a short but sweet solo that leaves the guitar screaming through your speakers as he brings it home.

A Better Place” starts out on a slower (almost acoustic) note before it snaps into an edgy chorus.  Kehoe shines on the title track as he does an excellent job controlling his vocals to the varying tempos and attitude of the song.

“Silence the Cries” is a percussion masterpiece.  Eldridge uses every cymbal, drum, and hi-hat in his arsenal to further complement the blistering pace he sets with his double bass pedals. Undoubtedly one of the top drum performances I’ve come across this year at any level of music.

“Downfall” incorporates some great background riffs.  The overall tone carried through this song comes across as extremely deep and layered.  Keep an ear out for the booming bass drops, they’re a nice added punch in a few spots.

“Take Me There” is an assault of sound driven straight from the kick of Eldridge’s double bass and the fret smoking guitar riff of Barelli.  But through all of the crashing cymbals and screaming amps, there are some great subtle touches built into the song.  You’ll find some well placed background vocals along with some creatively placed bass drops and muted cymbals.

So that’s Delightful Downfall’s debut album “A Better Place”......but we’ve got one more bonus on this edition of Track by Track.  The guys sent over the first single off their upcoming EP “Wild and Reckless” (Due out this Fall):

“Don’t Look Back” If the rest of the album is anything like this track, the title might be a big foreshadowing, it certainly has me thinking about what a difference a year makes.  Building on an already solid sound from the debut album, Delightful Downfall tears through this tune as Mike Kehoe screams that they’re “Young and senseless, wild and reckless” with the rest of the band’s vocals backing him up.  Kehoe has a bit more of a growl to him that suits their sound extremely well.  Similar to their previous formula, Barelli’s guitar drives an excellent riff through the song to the thump of Hammond’s bass.  Eldridge’s drums are in top form and appear that they haven’t missed a beat since “A Better Place” as they feverishly stomp through the track.  

After this first taste, I’m certainly looking forward to the rest of the EP this Fall.  If you’re in the Chicago area and want to hear it in advance, the band will be playing all of their new songs Thursday August 9th when they open for Black Stone Cherry at Mojoe’s in Joliet.  [Click for Ticket Info].


Click to hear a few tracks from Delightful Downfall

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