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A brainchild of John McLoughlin and Tony Jordan, Liberty Falls formed in the fall of 2000. Going through various lineup changes, and different musical directions the band became a solid unit, with the lineup we were the most known for in 2002. With Ryan Underwood ( SPRUNG, Notes To Wednesday) John McLoughlin (5 OClock shadow) Charlie Sissom (The System After, Again They Rise) and Tony Jordan (Into Submission, River City Ruin and Predcate).2011 also saw the addition of new recruits Toby Haynes (Betrayal from within) on bass and Matt Trumpy (Failed) on guitar. Focusing primarily on the Bradley University fraternity circuit, Springfield, and Bloomington regions in the beginning, LibertyFalls was 4 young guys with way too much beer, way too many privileges, and no consequences. We held nothing back and took everything for granted. We painted the picture of what rock n roll was about, Good old fashioned debauchery! And now we've come back to dust off the old book, and write a new chapter. Two of the four of us have gotten married, three of the four of us are fathers now... The last 6 years have been an absolute blessing and a total mind-trip all at the same time. Shows coming soon, 2011, the second coming, the 10 year anniversary, here we come!!!!  Having recently parted ways with John, we wish him the best of luck!

Ryan Underwood - Vocals
Dan Whrel - Vocals
Matt Trumpy - Guitar/vocals
Toby Haynes - Bass
Skylar Lewis - Drums

NEWSNew EP on the way!
Check back this fall for a full review!

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