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If you’ve been with us since our early days of Rocksposing, you might remember KillCode, a bitchin’ hard rock band from NYC.  When we last left them back in 2009, they had just dropped their 6 song EP “To Die For” that impressed us on a number of levels (Check out the Review).  It was driving, unapologetic rock that was downright addictive to listen to.  Our sole complaint of the EP?  We wanted more.

Fast forward to 2012, where the wait is officially over thanks to the much anticipated release of their self titled album.  The line up is the same since we last heard from them, but the tunes are definitely kicked up a notch.  From the first note “KillCode” immediately sounds more refined than “To Die For” on a lot of levels (a really well produced album itself).  The final mix on this album is phenomenal.

The band really spreads their wings in a few different musical directions on “KillCode”.  The great hard rock songs are there (We’ll get to those in a minute), but a couple of the songs take KillCode into territory that you wouldn’t have initially expected if you’ve heard their music before.   A prime example of this are the Southern Rock guitar musings of “Liberated”, a track that couldn’t sound farther from the gritty NYC Rock scene.  Equally, the muted opening and tamer sound of “The Wrong Side” embodies a softer tone that shows a bit more finesse musically.  These two tracks are a departure from much of the record, but I’m always a fan of bands throwing a few change-ups in to show you that they’ve got more in their arsenal than you thought they did.

Now about those in your face rock songs you were looking for to go with your ‘To Die For” playlist: fret not as they’re here and they’re DAMN GOOD, (which makes the name of the opening track “Still Here” that much more appropriate).  Rousing songs like “Hands Up” and “Skitch” kick the tempo to the max thanks to Rob Noxious’s storming drums and Erric Bonesmith’s heavy bass thump. “Loose” grinds it’s way in with some ZZ Top flavor, while lead singer Tom Morrissey lays down some smooth vocals on an excellent Rock duet with Angelina DelCarmen on “Trust”.

While they test the waters with a few new rock formulas, the band’s signature sound is abundant on “Bad Mother” and several other tracks throughout the album including “Opium Dogs”, “Tied”, and “Time”.  “Bad Mother” lives up to it’s title as it’s one bad mother of a rock song that’s pure KillCode to it’s core.  Truly bringing the KillCode sound to life are the guitars of Pat Harrington and Chas.  Not only do they shred on every track, but they seem to find a different way to stand out on each one as well.  For me, the riffs from this tandem are the core of KillCode’s sound.  The songs feel like the are formed around their twelve strings, as Morrissey and company perfectly construct the rest of the deep sound known as KillCode around them.  

You can’t create a sound this complete without amazing chemistry within the band, you can hear these guys feed off of each other on every track.  That’s the key ingredient that makes “KillCode” such a must have........and like our 2009 review, leaving us wanting even more!


Click here to crank some KillCode

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