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The Ghosts of Laura Palmer "Back to the Front" Review

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Album Review

Article By Chris Brach


Your Summer needs a good funking, you just didn’t know it.

The Ghosts of Laura Palmer are back with “Back to the Front”, their most high energy mix to date.  If you’ve somehow missed the previous iterations we’ve featured on our site, The Ghosts of Laura Palmer specialize in assembling amazingly well crafted mixes of 70’s funk that feel as genuine as Travolta in a set of bell bottoms (As opposed to....well you know what he ‘does’ now). Yes it’s a little different than what you’d typically see us posting on Rocksposure, but the beats they put together are hard to pass up.

Lead mixologist Mario Martin has had this particular mix in the works for a while.  Having taken several stabs at finalizing it themselves, The Ghosts of Laura Palmer gave it to their friend EightZero (Will It Burn) to take it for a spin.  After some time at the helm, EightZero has transformed the EP into a true remix of its previous self. “Back to the Front” is The Ghosts of Laura Palmer’s most modern feeling funk mix to date.  This time around there’s considerably more overdubs and fades with a big boosted beat.  It’s got 70’s flavor, but it’s armed and ready for this millennium’s subwoofers thanks to EightZero.

While the cover art will have you thinking of another kind of “Back to the Front”, it’s actually a pretty slick play on words by The Ghosts given the Vietnam era soul provided courtesy of the Sammy Brown Band that's worked into the twelve minute EP.  Like the previous Ghosts of Laura Palmer mixes we’ve come to love, “Back to the Front” flows seamlessly.  It just does so with a little more punch and energy this time thanks to EightZero’s additions.

Twelve minutes isn’t long enough to carry your whole Summer shindig, but “Back to the Front” is a great way to get it started.  The best part is you can get it for FREE by following the link below.


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