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Divisions 'Out of the Shadows' Review

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Album Review


Divisions is born and bred with every bit of the toughness you’d expect from any product out of Pennsylvania.  Their new EP ‘Out of the Shadows’ is perfect evidence of it.  

Releasing June 29th, ‘Out of the Shadows’ represents the first studio EP for the band.  Plain and simple, this is a heavy rock album.  It’s packed with nuances from several corners of the rock world ranging from the lead singer Sam Torres’ Tool-esque vocals on “So Down”; to the driving forceful guitar riffs by Joshua Sawyer and Darren Makins on “Questions” that could’ve come straight off of a Sevendust record.  Just about every bit of the album has an aggressive sound as it carries along a great air of extra character through a skillfully used tone of underlying tension.

As you make your way through the five song EP, Division’s Metal roots clearly show through on every track.  The guitars are heavy and Jay Wither’s heavy cymbal work builds the framework that ‘Out of the Shadows’ is built around.  Torres lets loose a few good screams especially on “Control” as Harry Vogelei lays down a thick bass line.   Divisions also works in some nice backing vocals on “Back to Life” while Wither storms along with his drum kit.  The only track that really breaks the mold is “Dark Days”, a mellower track in terms of pace that still manages to embody the same presence of its four other counterparts despite its slower tempo.

‘Out of the Shadows’ is a great first effort from a band that has been trying to put all the finishing touches on their sound for a while now.  Join them Friday June 29th as they celebrate its release at The Silo Nightclub in Reading, PA.  Doors open at 6:30PM,  tickets are only $10 and for another 5 bucks you can score a copy of the EP.


Click to hear a few tracks off of 'Out of the Shadows'

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