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Andy Sexton - Vocals
Christian Vasquez - Guitar
Shawn Abraham - Bass
Steve Kurlat - Drums

Since 2011, Off The Turnpike has made it their mission to wake up New York’s long dormant rock scene with a powerful and diverse sound all their own. The band's hard rock roots are tempered with an emphasis on melody, grooves and the unexpected. From Andy Sexton’s soulful and commanding vocals, to Christian Vasquez’s driving guitars and the beastly rhythm section of bassist Shawn Abraham and drummer Steve Kurlat, Off The Turnpike is here to confound expectations and electrify fans of raw, honest, and uncompromising music.

Drawing inspiration from music of all genres and fusing it into a cohesive and powerful mix, Off The Turnpike is blazing forward in surprising new directions. With the release of their self produced self-titled debut album, the band is pushing their music beyond New York and bring the news of rock’s revival to the hungry masses.

You’re not ready. But they are.

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