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Midnight Spin New Music: Neuroin

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"Good things are worth waiting for...."   

This little teaser fits perfectly into that mantra.   NYC’s Midnight Spin is in the process of putting the finishing touches on their new album, fortunately the release of their first single "Neuroin" is a sign that the wait is almost over.

My fingers are crossed that "Neuroin" is a glimpse of what’s in store on a grander scale once the album drops. Blazing along like The Strokes used to be able to (prior to each of their um-teen mediocre solo projects), “Neuroin” is a different breed than the tracks we heard on “Through the Mojo Wire” a few years back.  Danny Scull's drums keep a head spinning pace as guitarist Jim Terranova and bassist Ben Waters try their hardest to remove their fingertips via the shred job that both of them throw down for the length of the track.

A few subtle strikes of the piano keys by Jeremy Cohen gives the song a breather before lead singer Mike Corbett belts out about what's going to happen “When they bring down the hammer”.  Which is exactly what Midnight Spin does as “Neuroin” roars towards a monstrous finish.

Actually now that I think about it, after hearing “Neuroin” the wait for the rest of the album is going to be downright agonizing!

Want to grab a download of "Neuroin"?  Here's how:

For purchase:  http://midnightspin.bandcamp.com/track/neuroin

FREE download with FB or Twitter Share: http://midnightspin.viinyl.com/

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