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Timmy Mission
Michael Lynch
Rob Ciulla
Brendan Dinklemeyer

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The Native Alien Tribe is a 4 piece collective from New York, comprised of lead vocalist Timothy “Mission” Almeida, guitarist Harry Corradi, percussionist Rob Ciulla, and bassist Michael Lynch. Founded in November of 2009, the group is a powerhouse of all things great in music. Combining old school funk rhythms with new school Alternative melodies, mixed with potent lyrical content and delivery, The N.A.T. is a rebirth for a sometimes-stagnant musical landscape. They stay true to form with a sound as impressionable as bands such as Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and blend there own unique tastes for Hip-Hop, Rock, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Dub-Step and Punk to bring results designed to sell big. With an unbelievably solid rhythm section, the Native Alien Tribe is set to create a true movement and musical vibration that will undoubtedly resonate with sell out crowds. As things so rapidly change in the world, The N.A.T. sound could not have arrived at a more perfect time. In terms of musicality, the group is ahead of its peers in all aspects. Their ingenuity and forward thinking allows them to be the next big thing, while staying completely in the present marketing landscape. The Tribe is poised to kick down doors with their energetic, passionate, and honest feel. We hope you enjoy, and welcome to the tribe.


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