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Aug - 20 Years in Hell

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Album Review
Aug - "20 Years in Hell"

Article By Chris Brach


What started as a New Jersey based Black Sabbath / Ozzy cover band, has grown into the retro metal sound of Aug.  While the band has carried a similar tone and sound from the bands they previously paid tribute to, Aug has written some fantastic original hard driving songs to blanket the East Coast with.  You’ll find them on their debut album “20 Years in Hell”.

Aug dives right in on the fast paced opener “Magic” and carries the energy through Tom Strange’s guitar on the shredding tracks of “20 Years in Hell”, “Skeleton Crew”, and “Give it Up”.  Musically the songs on the album are deep and have an edgy persona that is exemplified through some fantastic guitar and drum work.  Little question can be raised that the lead singer (who just happens to be named Aug) sounds remarkably similar vocally to the front man he used to cover.  While some Ozzy purists will have issues moving past this, the fact is that Aug has a great voice for the style of music they have written.  If you like Ozzy’s late 90’s and more recent work, “20 Years in Hell” is especially worth a listen.  

With the album recorded, the band is currently scouring the NJ area for a new bassist and drummer to help them bring the energy they captured in the studio to the stage.  If you think you’re up to the task, contact the band on their website  To grab a copy of “20 Years in Hell”, head over to iTunes, Amazon, or CDBABY to pickup a copy today.

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