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Article By Chris Brach


Last August 3 Years Hollow was basking in the spotlight on the Rocksposure Mainstage as our Artist of the Month.  At the time we reviewed what was their most recent album, ‘Ascension’, while they were in the process of writing and recording some new material.  After several months of waiting and a few teasers to keep us intrigued, 3YH sent over their new EP titled “Remember” for us to take TRACK by TRACK!

  • “Remember” - Rocksposure got a sneak peak of “Remember” back in August and the guitars still sound just as powerful as they did when we played it then.  Guitars are woven through the track on just about every level, using what seems like every method and tone available.  It’s an awesome demonstration of Tony Reeve’s and Niel Kuhlman’s six string talent and a true marked evolution for a band that was already quite guitar savvy.  It’s a great opener.

  • “Chemical Ride” - Back in December, 3 Years Hollow released this track as the first single off of the new EP and launched it to their fans with two different music videos (Find them both here) .  “Chemical Ride” has more emphasis on lead singer Jose Urquiza’s vocals and includes several great harmonies from his supporting cast.  Drummer Chris Cushman keeps the song in a constant tempo transition as he skillfully adjusts the throttle on the pace following some incredible fills.

  • “We Belong” - What “We Belong” lacks in speed, it makes up for in tension.  The song has an ominous, unsettled tone that is perfectly set by Dex Diggas bass line.  It’s far from timid and still fires up a little bit on the guitar front, but it serves an excellent depth builder on the EP.

  • “Run Away” - Cushman bangs this track open and finds a second bass pedal to launch a full on percussion assault.  On the first three tracks he almost runs loose a few times but manages some restraint, on this one he goes for it and doesn’t look back.  The heavy riff and drums give “Run Away” a flavor similar to something you’d hear from Disturbed.  With some reverb assistance, Urquiza asks “If this is my past, when does it end?”.  If it is anything like “Run Away” hopefully never!  

  • “Lost” - Reeves’ and Kuhlman’s guitars aggressively open “Lost” with the assistance of a clean thump from Diggas’ bass.  Cushman again makes his presence known and does some pretty trick hi-hat work early on in the song.  Even though this is the only song on the album without a major guitar solo, the 3YH tandem is in full force from start to finish.

  • "Before it Begins" - Ending the EP with the same ferocity that they started it with, 3 Years Hollow truly brings it home on “Before it Begins”.  In this four and a half minute track, every band member seems to get one last chance to throw down their skills.  Urquiza’s vocals are powerful, Cushman drops in some mind bendingly fast fills, all while the strings of Kuhlman, Reeves, and Digga get one last chance to leave a resonating impression (Which they do).  A fitting end to an energy packed six song playlist.

Similar to “Ascension”, “Remember” is exceptionally produced and mixed.  3 Years Hollow spent their studio time well as they captured the sound and punch from the previous record while working in noticeably more intricacy on the guitar front and overall song structure.  Every album and EP should be a progression, this one was a nice step up from what was already a very solid body of work.

3 Years Hollow has a busy tour schedule planned for this Summer including at show May 17th at Mojoe’s in Joliet, IL (Details here).  Rocksposure will be on hand to capture 3YH as they open for Janus, check back next week for a Photo Review of the show!

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