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Imperial Sons - "Something Close to Virtue" Review

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Album Review
Imperial Sons - "Something Close to Virtue"

Article By Chris Brach


That’s what it takes to crank out the powerful sound that the Imperial Sons are about to unleash on the world when they officially release their debut EP on January 27th.  While the band has been together since 2008, “Something Close to Virtue” represents the first official studio effort from the Chicago based metal band.

“Something Close to Virtue” is a raging, aggressive five song EP.  It’s loaded with shredding guitars, machine gun paced drums, and a healthy dose of scream filled rock vocals.  If you’ve slipped into the Winter doldrums, get ready to be thrown out of your seat by some of the most aggressive Rock we’ve featured on

The EP truly begins with the rolling thunder of drums on “Safe as Statues”.  “Terrors” is technically the opener, but it is more of an intro than a true opening track.  It’s unmistakable as to when the Imperial Sons get down to business as the rumble of drums quickly turns into growling vocals and soaring guitar riffs.  The speed of the drums is incredible throughout the song, especially as it is transitioning and working its way through the changes in tempo.  They stand out in a way that only a true metal drummer could make possible!  Not to be missed are the face melting guitar solos that are a part of “Safe as Statues”.  Throughout the record, Imperial Sons throw down some pretty impressive licks, but what they put together on “Safe as Statues” is impressive.

“Divided by Waves” is dominated with guitars from the first note.  The main riff is assertive and unapologetic, laced in with it are some nice lead guitar overlays that eventually build into another solid solo.  This one is a bit more tempered and more old school Rock than what was heard on “Safe as Statues”, but it is still an excellently executed solo.

Imperial Sons slow things down to a rock ballad's pace on “If Not for Nightmares”.  Given that the rest of the EP is built around speed and screams, “If Not for Nightmares” provided an excellent opportunity for Imperial Sons to show that there is more to the band than just playing the hell out of their instruments.  The song builds into a faster more passionate screamfest towards the end, but it’s still considerably different than the other tracks on the album.  Without this track, “Something Close to Virtue” would have been a really one dimensional effort, this song makes sure that doesn't happen.

A tight guitar riff cues the beginning of “Fierce Brosnan” and again steals the show throughout the song.  The six string is supported by a great bass line and another thrashing round of drums.  I’d be missing the best part of the song if I didn’t mention the sweet tandem guitar duel three quarters of the way through “Fierce Brosnan” (Noticing a guitar theme yet?).  It isn’t a long segment of the song, but it throws one last curve ball before the EP finishes up at the same wide open scream that it began with.

“Something Close to Virtue” is definitely more of a screamo record then I would typically listen to.  Fortunately the screams don’t make the band who they are and are far from dominating within the songs on the EP.  Add in the music that supports it and you’ll find this to be a very respectable debut effort.  If you prefer your Rock to be more of the aggressive variety, this will be right up your alley.

Imperial Sons will be releasing “Something Close to Virtue” Friday January 27th at Subterranean in Chicago.  TIckets are $10, doors open at 8PM.

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