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Rick Connell
Michael Neeley
Dave Kriebel
Nate Metzler


Reaul on Rocksposure Radio

The pop rock quartet from Indianapolis is a very unique blend of all the band members' individual influences rolled in to one. "My voice has often been compared to Chris Martin of Coldplay and Adam Levine of Maroon 5," says front man Rick Connell. "Our guitar sounds are big and thick much like Anberlin and Nickelback. We're known for creating melodies that get stuck in your head and won't leave. However, we really set ourselves apart from the rest of the artists in our genre with the lyrics in our songs. We pride ourselves that they are deep and thought provoking but very catchy and accessible. Every review we've gotten on the new album "Casino Heart," has noted that!"

Fresh off the 2012 Black Stone Cherry Tour, Réaul is hitting a stride. No stranger to touring, the band has traveled throughout the U.S. playing over 340 shows on a variety of different tours in the last 4 years, sharing the stage with Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Cavo, Janus, and The Veer Union to name a few. Their latest album, titled "Casino Heart" (Released May 24th, 2011) has received rave reviews in numerous magazines and seen considerable amount of radio airplay.

Réaul began with lead vocalist / songwriter Rick Connell and bassist Michael Neeley in late 2006. "Rick and I had played in other bands growing up, but when we got together we knew there was something incredibly special about the music we were creating...the songs were hits," said Michael. The rest of the band filled in quickly when Réaul brought on-board Nate Metzler (Drums) and Dave Kriebel (Lead Guitar). Their first release, a self-titled 3 song EP, came out December 5th, 2007. The band followed up with "Take Me Away," a single release to iTunes and Amazon in October 2009. Their most recent release, "Casino Heart," hit shelves May 24th, 2011.

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