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Another Black Hour In Studio!

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In Studio Exclusive

Photos by Brian Brach

The guys from Another Black Hour let Rocksposure stop by the studio while they were working on some tracks for their upcoming album.  We snapped a few pics and asked them a few questions while we were there to get you a behind the scenes look at the band in action.  We'll have more info on the new album in the coming weeks!

Flip through the photos below and check out our Q & A, then head over to their page to give them a listen. Once they're done in the studio, we'll be featuring a few of the new songs on Rocksposure Radio, so be sure to check back for updates!!

We figured while we were there, we'd ask them a few questions about what they've been up to:

ROCKSPOSURE: What has the band been up to since we last saw you on Rocksposure?
ANOTHER BLACK HOUR:   We recruited a new guitarist. Ben Stover has been promoted to lead singer now that Lundquist has moved to New Mexico. We had a bunch of gigs in the Chicagoland area over the Summer and have since turned our focus to writing new music.

R: When can we expect to get a listen to the new album?
ABH: We are currently in the middle of recording, and hope to have it out early this Summer.

R: Where does this album stack up in comparison to the last one?
ABH:  It is significantly heavier than the previous songs, and more in touch with our influences. The addition of a new guitarist has definitely given us a better dynamic.

R: What effect did the lineup changes in your band have on the writing and recording process?
ABH: Eric, having a degree in 'Being Awesome at Music with a Guitar Focus', has increased the quality of our solo capabilities. It has very much enhanced our collaboration.

R: What's in store for the band in the future?
ABH: After we finish recording these four songs, we will be looking for live shows, and focusing on writing new music. We are hoping to become more of an original music band and play less covers.

R: Where have you guys been working on recording the new album?
ABH: It is being recorded at The Nook in New Lenox, IL

R: How does the ABH writing process work?
ABH: We fart, argue, and eat.
R: That explains why it smells a bit funky in here, that's about as Rock N' Roll as it gets!

R: Do you guys enjoy being in the studio?
ABH: While being challenging and sometimes frustrating, it is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, we’re all itching to get back on stage.

R: Any other thoughts you would like to add before we let you get back to recording?
ABH:  Check out our website at

R: Thanks for letting us stop by, best of luck with finishing up the record!

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