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Top 10 Albums of 2012

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2011 and 2012 were very different years in the world of rock.  2011 left me wanting for the better part of the year;  2012 on the other hand left me with inner turmoil of which albums would make/be cut from my Top 10 list.  It's been an excellent year for music, rock in particular.  While only a fraction of the decent rock music on the planet from 2012 found its way to the radio airwaves, there were some real gems that you shouldn't miss.

After a year of spinning every album I could find (Thank you Spotify), I have finally narrowed things down to my ten best of 2012....... (Well, kind of.) Along with my Top 10, you'll also find my commentary on two albums from 2010 that found their way to my speakers in 2012 along with what I consider to be the biggest bomb of the year.  The year of the unfufilled Mayan Apocalypse has been a good run, at least if that had come to fruition we would have went out on a high note!

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There were two albums that I somehow missed back in 2010 when they were released, fortunately  they found their way to me in 2012.  Both of these albums got major airplay in my world throughout the year, I imagine they will be an equally big part of my 2013 rotation as well!

I proudly built Rocksposure under the premise of celebrating what is good about music, not to trash and belittle it. But as I did with my Top Album of the Year, I'm breaking another one of my rules to address my biggest rock dissapointment of 2012.  

As you'll see after you click below, while it's a frustration that has been building for a few albums now, it was 2012 that put the nail in the coffin on this artist.

You've seen our Top 10, now crank up our Spotify Playlist to see what we were talking about!!

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