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Rob Garekis - Vocals/Guitar
Travis Smith - Drummer
Augie Menos - Bass

Overtalk on Rocksposure Radio

You know that point a band reaches where they’ve shed a hundred iterations, dug through what they want to sound like and what they’re sick of sounding like, and finally distilled themselves to that one record that pinpoints who they are at the core? Overtalk is already there. With muscular vocals and giddy riffs that shoot for nothing less than sounding good, Overtalk feels heedlessly out of step with current rock trends. Okay, sure, it’s alternative rock, but as if the whole “Alternative Rock” era never happened. Overtalk claims those crunchy guitars, those bouncing vocals, those stomp-along choruses for their own—striving not for nostalgia or novelty, but just to play something well-crafted.

It’s not magic. Singer/guitarist Rob Garekis and drummer Travis Smith have been refining this sound for almost 10 years, starting in their dorm rooms with lo-fi self-recordings, continuing through college opening for bands like Gatsby’s American Dream, Juliette Lewis & The Licks, Cherry Monroe, and I Am The Avalanche, and lasting through the post-college hiatus—on their couches, in their basements, in their dreams—anywhere the everyday of sobering office jobs could be strung along by the hope of someday playing in a band again. Once they decided to flip off reality, add bassist Augie Menos, and start playing music again, what came out was the sound of a band that knows what they’re doing and knows it’s all they can do: melodic, propulsive, honest rock music. When their songs gush through stereos, there’s no doubt: Overtalk has been a long time coming.


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