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KillCode CD Review

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New Release of the Week: "To Die For" by KillCode

By Chris Brach

I can't recall another message more interesting to find in my inbox than the subject line of this one...."KILLCODE has sent you a message."  So with my full attention and curiosity, I headed over to KillCode's My Space page fully expecting to hear some screamo, speed metal, musical mess.  Instead, what I found was some intense, unapologetic, heavy East Coast rock that got me through the rest of my Wednesday.  What started as an intriguing email, ended up providing an excellent afternoon of rock.

KillCode got it's start in 2008 in New York City as singer Tom Morrissey and lead guitarist Chas started laying down some tracks to begin a new project.  After bringing on bassist Erric Bonesmith, drummer Rob Noxious, and Guitarist Pat Harrington to finish refining the sound, KillCode was officially born.  Each band member came to KillCode with a diverse musical background; by channeling their different influences, they were able create what they describe as a "heavy but melodic, dirty but polished, raw and emotional sound."  

2009 marked the release of their debut EP "To Die For", a six track album that packs quite a punch from cover to cover and wastes no time getting right to the rock.  As the first track "L.I.T.A." starts, you would have sworn you just pushed play on a Velvet Revolver album, the bass and guitar work are that solid.  Fast paced and well refined, "L.I.T.A." gives you a glimpse of what happens when Southern and Hard Rock mix, and the results are something that will keep you around for every minute of this disc.

The musical talents of the group are evident throughout "To Die For".  Tom Morrissey's vocals are powerful and clear, especially when they are showcased on the acoustic ballad "Something Better" (The one slow track on the album).  With Chas on the backing vocals, "Something Better" gives you a quick breather halfway through the set to get you ready for the rocking tracks that follow.

"6 A.M. Again" picks the pace back up after "Something Better" with the driving bass of Erric Bonesmith and the beats of drummer Rob Noxious (which is possibly one of the greatest rock names Rocksposure has heard!). While the guitar work is stellar throughout the entire disc, "Truce" shows you everything they've got with some heavy riffs, intricate lead ins, as well as a dueling solo between the guitars.  The dual guitar model really works well for KillCode and they utilize it to its full potential on every song.  Many bands make this into somewhat of a gimmick or just an extra person on the stage who has a minimal impact on the music. Chas and Harrington don't fall into that category on a single track, in fact, you can distinctly pick out both guitars on every song.

The only real downside Rocksposure had about "To Die For" and KillCode was that we have to wait until 2010 for the next album!  KillCode is currently in the studio working on their next release and Rocksposure will be waiting eagerly to hear it.  If "To Die For" is any indication, NYC better put hardcore rocking on their agenda for 2010.

Click here to listen to a few tracks off of KillCode's "To Die For"

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