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Galia Social Review

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Album Review: Galia Social

Article By Chris Brach


If the names that make up Galia Social sound familiar to you, there’s a good reason why.  Colby Peters, Christian Logaglio, and Ben King were previously members of the now defunct band Phoenix Falling that made our Best of 2010 list with one of the top Rocksposed songs of last year.  After pairing down their lineup to head a new direction with their sound, Galia Social just finished and released their first three song demo.

Employing a unique structure that lacks a dedicated lead vocalist, the band passes the duties around throughout the songs, often times harmonizing the choruses.  The results of the vocal trio are immense as it makes Galia sound bigger, deeper, and more in step as they trek through their songs.  This approach clearly gives their new three song demo a sound all it’s own.

“Choices” is what I would categorize as the fastest slow song I’ve ever heard.  The guitar and vocals are kept at a very modest pace, while the drums manage to fire away like a machine gun without causing the song to run away at a blistering pace.  It’s a unique tempo and formula that’s executed very well.  Not to be missed is the hectic finale of the song, Galia Social brings it home like few others could!

“Cancer” opens with a dark and foreboding intro which quickly builds into a forceful, drum filled tirade.  Musically this is easily the fastest and busiest song on the demo. If you’re a Coheed & Cambria fan, you’ll definitely find this song to be a great listen.  Between the shred of the guitar and the ‘start stop’ style of the drums, the song reminds me of them throughout.

The highlight of the demo is “Radio”, which is by far the most polished and catchy song the band has put together to date.  The other two tracks are solid in their own right, but “Radio” just smoothly flows out of your speakers. Peters bangs out a great, intricate beat as Logaglio throws down a Satriani-esque guitar solo in the middle, all while Ben King keeps the song locked down with his tight bassline.  I can’t help but think as Galia collectively sings,  
We used to listen to the radio, and sing all night long, that it’s songs like this one that got me listening to the radio in the first place.

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