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Elusive Parallelograms - Fragments Review and Release Show Photos

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The Elusive Parallelograms don’t stand still for a second, in fact I don’t know if they ever really even slowdown.  Once they have their sights set on something, it’s full speed ahead until they reach their destination.  2013 has been a perfect example of the blitz that is everyday life once you're officially a Parallelogram.  In a matter of weeks: Launch a new website.......check; Debut your first ever music video.......check; Write and record your third EP in less than a year..........check that off too.  I’m not sure how you feel, but some might call that a fairly productive January.

The driver behind all of this productivity is without a doubt the release of “Fragments”, a six track EP that runs the gambit of tones, beats, and sonic goodness.  Having immersed ourselves and praised the previous two EP’s from the Milwaukee rockers (“Habits” & “Spaces"), “Fragments” sounds deeper, bigger, and at times more grandiose than the solid songs on their previous efforts.  Its title is fitting based on the variety you’ll find on the album, but it’s not a little of this and a little of that.  Every song on “Fragments” has a sound that screams of the effort put into it, Elusive Parallelograms are ‘All-In’ on every track, there’s no fluff or filler.

“Lucidity” opens the EP like a warning call at the theater to take your seats for what’s about to begin, for all intent and purpose, it’s the Elusive Parallelogram orchestra tuning up.  Once the noise fades, the light, airy track “Helium” emerges with a building chorus of sound.  Keeping with the notion of not lingering in one place for too long, the next tune “Semantics” batters down the door with a Nirvana-esque drum and bass line.  It’s easily the grittiest track on the EP and is packed with distortion and a feeling of discontent.

Conversely, the clean opening to “8-Bit” stands out thanks to a quick electronic tempo which explodes into a full bodied keyboard infused chorus.  “8-bit” is a catchy, soaring tune that incorporates many of the psychedelic sounds that Elusive Parallelograms have built their band around.  Similarly, “Absolution” is fast and laced with great guitar and electric touches throughout. Where it differs is that "Absolution" has a little more vocal focus than the other songs.  If there’s one problem with “Fragments”, it’s that lead singer Andrew Foys’ vocals are generally buried down in the mix on most tracks.  With his voice, there is little reason to downplay them as much as it feels like they do on the album.

Garnering the most attention from me during my time with the EP was the melodic jam “Street Legal”.  Layers of guitars build, interact, and show the way on this almost four minute track.  It’s mostly instrumental, the six strings are well accompanied by the same great keys that’ve made themselves known on the earlier tracks alongside a fantastic effort on the drums (especially as the song winds down).  "Street Legal" has a fit and finish that demonstrates the depth that Elusive Parallelograms are packing under the hood, it’s as smooth as anything I’ve heard up to this point in 2013.

“Fragments” is the latest journey in the fast paced world of Milwaukee’s Elusive Parallelograms.  For most bands, one EP in a 12 month span might be an unrealistic expectation.  Knowing these guys, they’re probably already hard at work in their home built basement studio on the next three.

As the Webmaster and Founder of Rocksposure.com, Chris Brach is always looking for new music from up and coming rock bands.  You never know, they could be our next Artist of the Month!  If there is something you think he should give a listen to, email him at GetRocked@Rocksposure.com.

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