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The Cheaters - Midnight Run

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Artist of the Month - The Cheaters
Album Review: "Midnight Run"

Article By Chris Brach


Writing about music often proves difficult; it’s subjective, hard to qualify, and abstract.  The Rocksposure staff has had many conversations about how it’s easier to write about almost any other form of media.  Knowing this, I’m always impressed when a band finds a way to sum up their music in a manner that hasn’t been done before.  As far as our records indicate ‘Whiskey Fueled, Home-Fried Rock 'N Roll’ is one that we hadn’t seen used before. Nor could I dream up a more accurate description of The Cheaters and their latest album “Midnight Run”.

The Southern Rock inspired sound of The Cheaters was born and created in their hometown of Annapolis, MD. In just a few short years the band has enjoyed a quick rise within the East Coast rock scene.  “Midnight Run” is the latest success story for a band that has already shared the stage with the likes of ZZ Top, Shooter Jennings, Kid Rock, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  How’s that for earning your Southern Rock stripes?  The Cheaters have managed to construct a hybrid sound that melds their Southern and Classic Rock influences all into one unique, addictive sound.

Released in 2009, “Midnight Run” is 50 minutes of high energy Southern-Infused Rock.  From dirty guitars to swagger filled choruses, The Cheaters have found a formula that makes them more than worthy to have shared the stage with some of the largest names to grace the Southern Rock genre, including the one that claims to be as free as a bird.  Alcohol and chicken references aside, “Midnight Run” kicks into full gear from the very first song with the rousing opener in “Fast Times”.  Jason Morton sings, “Come with me and take another ride” and with the high flying guitars and fast tempo, you’re ride next ride starts with the second track “Blow My Mind” because you aren’t going anywhere.

Guitar solos are a staple of Southern Rock, and there are more than enough to go around on “Midnight Run”.  Lead guitarist Brett Wilmer shreds through them effortlessly on “Blow My Mind”, “Let Down”, and the aggressive track “One Night Woman”.  The solos are impressively clean and embody some of the Southern twang that comes with The Cheaters brand of rock.  One thing that is certain after listening to “Midnight Run”, you won’t find a single dis-interesting second on the album, the solos are just one aspect that help make sure of it.

Following the release of the album the band shot a video for their hard driving song “Locked and Loaded.”  What does ‘Whiskey Fueled, Home-Fried Rock N’ Roll look like in person you ask?  Wonder no further, as the band compiled the footage for the video from a few of their shows to put a visual with the song.  Capturing The Cheaters energy made the video a must see, but for a live video it is incredibly well shot and produced.  Check it out on the band’s profile page, it’s well worth a watch.

While I’ve never followed the blues scene anywhere near as closely as I have the rock world (Hence why this isn’t, there are few things I love more than a good bluesy rock song.  Be it Clapton or The Black Crowes, I rarely pass up a song that fits into this category without giving it a full listen.  With the only slow paced song on “Midnight Run”, The Cheaters found a way to shoot all the way to the top of my list of favorite blues rock songs with “Bye Bye Baltimore Sky”.  This song has soul, plain and simple.  Between the emotion in the vocals, the slow tick of a ride cymbal, and the well paced guitar solo,  I’ll take this over The Black Crowes “Good Friday” any day of the week.  

In fact, now that I think about it, after listening to this album I really won’t have a need for The Black Crowes anymore; The Cheaters are more than up to the task.  After hanging on for every minute of the driving pace that makes up the tracks of “Midnight Run”, “Bye Bye Baltimore Sky” slowed down the ride ensuring that I was able to savor every last flavor of this fantastic album.  Like the end of any ‘Whiskey Fueled, Home-Fried’ night, The Cheaters found the perfect Last Call to finish off the masterpiece that is “Midnight Run”.

"Midnight Run" is available now on iTunes (Click Here)


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