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Album Review: "Get Injected"


Dan Melendez, - Guitar / Vocals
LO$ Espada, - Bass / Vocals
Felipe Rivera - Drums


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Band Bio
Hailing from the gritty streets of New York City, this band delivers a shot of rock and roll!

With a no rules attitude, solid guitar riffs, and a daring, be different attitude, they break the mold of the average rock band. Mixing their different styles of music and influences into a Lethal Dose of Rock and Roll. Get ready for the injection.

What started as a jam session lead to a driving force.

Lo$, Dan and Felipe worked on music as a three piece and were longing for the sound of hard edge Rock & Roll. The band now is comprised of Lo$ Espada (Bass and Vox), Dan Melendez (Lead Guitar and Vox) and Felipe Rivera (drums).

Lo$ has been playing in bands since his teen years. Learning from an early age to provide more bang for the buck by entertaining the audience.  He has toured the U.S in various bands and through his career in the toy industry he has worked with the likes of KISS, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Eminem.

Dan has gone against the grain all his life by wearing rocker gear to school in the middle of Spanish Harlem. Dan has a deep passion for the music he listens to and now creates. Dan’s riffs and vocal skills have great range.

Felipe is a true student of the music industry. Touring at the tender age of 12, he has lived the role of a rock star. His style would put a smile on Bonham's face, if he were with us today.

With a "never say die" attitude, this line up will not stop until they inject the world with a LETHAL DOSE OF ROCK AND ROLL.

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