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Sean Douglas (Lead vocals, Keyboards)
Jesse Macht (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals)
Austin Schumacher (Drums)
Anthony Stella (Guitars)
Seth Bulkin (Bass)


By Chris Brach

“Caroline” is a great debut effort by the New York based band Burn Down the Mission.  With songs ranging from the fast paced tracks “Run” and “Spinning”, to slower ballads like “Believe in Me” and “Slow Down”, “Caroline” has a musical blend the shifts and changes as it plays on.  All of Burn Down the Mission are spot on throughout the album as drummer Austin Schumacher keeps the tempo and is accompanied by the smooth vocals and well placed keys of Sean Douglas, often bluesy guitars of Jesse Macht & Anthony Stella, and the solid bass line of Seth Bulkin.   

Burn Down the Mission’s sound has been compared to the musical stylings of Maroon 5 and The Killers, which at first glance would be easy to surmise after pressing play.  But the band uses their piano and keyboards considerably better than either of those bands.  Keys can often be over produced or forced, but BDTM has worked them into places where they fit and belong.  On “Cut Me Down” for example, the electronic keyboard start almost reminds more of an MGMT song, but BDTM quickly steps in with their  solid rock sound to take it back and make it their own.  The keyboards don’t entirely sum up BDTM (As their talent level is evident on every track), but they clearly give “Caroline” character that it would have otherwise been missing.

“Caroline” is a well produced, radio ready album by a band that has the polish and determination to get to the next level.  Be sure to give “Run”, “The Last Time”, and “Cut Me Down” a listen on Rocksposure Radio, and before long, maybe even a radio station near you!


In October 2008 a flood swept across an apartment floor in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY. The flood of raw waste (yes, that kind of waste) laid claim to the tenants' belongings--clothing, furniture, and a modest collection of instruments--and left an indelible mark not only on the apartment itself but also on the tenants' career outlook (not to mention their outlook on the inner workings of century-old converted knitting factories). The tenants were three members of what would shortly become Burn Down the Mission: lead singer and keyboardist Sean Douglas, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Macht, and drummer Austin Schumacher, and the Flood was an impetus for their decision to start anew.

Apartmentless, clothingless, instrumentless, and eager to channel their frustration at New York's failed apartment system toward something productive, the three musicians headed to the only logical city to do such a thing: Los Angeles. In LA they teamed up with producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Augustana, Hot Hot Heat) and having escaped the trappings of the endlessly burgeoning Williamsburg indie scene, began working on an album rife with R&B-tinged pop hooks and sleek production. The result is their debut record Caroline which is an apt juxtaposition to the filth they left behind in New York: its polished sound and well-crafted songs are a perfect fit for radio. That is not to say that they are unwilling to offset this burnished sonic quality with some grit; now joined by their longtime friend and guitarist Anthony Stella, their energy onstage showcases the band's musicianship while employing Stella's unique influences as a lead player.

While common comparisons often include Maroon 5 and The Killers, the band also cites influences ranging from early Elton John records to Hall and Oates and Dr. Dre.

Courtesy of http://www.myspace.com/burndownthemission

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