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Our feature Sound Check gives you a first hand look at a Rocksposed Artist that you simply can't miss!  
We'll tell you who they are, why they're a must listen, and where you can find more of them.

Rocksposure simply can't get enough of the New York rock scene.  There seems to be an endless playlist of great bands with the edge and grit that define the city that never sleeps, and we're proud to say we just added another one to our lineup of Rocksposure Approved Artists.  Ghosts of Eden channel their 90's grunge rock influences and combine them with some Big Apple attitude to create a sound that is pure East Coast Rock.

With the same intentions that brought Rocksposure to the web, the four members of Ghosts of Eden set out to create music that was different from the cookie cutter rock songs that the industry was churning out.  With this goal in mind, the band released their first EP "Ignorance & Lies" in January 2010.  Since then the band has spent as much time as they can taking the stage for their legion of fans.  

The stage is clearly where these guys belong, we rounded up a great video from one of their shows in 2010 below:

You can pick up "Ignorance & Lies" today on iTunes or if you are in the New York area you can catch Ghosts of Eden at one of the many shows they have planned over the next few months

. . .

"Ignorance & Lies" is an EP that refuses to simply be defined by the band's influences or modern rock's preconceived notion of what a hit song should sound like.  From the time they formed Ghosts of Eden, Tom (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Rich (Lead Guitar), Miles (Bass/Backing Vocals), and Ben (Drums/Backing Vocals) started writing music that they felt would stand the test of time and break the mold of what is playing on the radio today.  

On "Even Violence", Ghosts of Eden open with a slow grooving, heavy bass line that quickly builds into an aggressive guitar riff to set the tone for the EP.  This song has some of the most aggressive tones on the album which are especially noticeable as Ghosts of Eden barrel into the chorus.  GOE then smoothly transitions into the guitar dominating track "Eliot Ness".  As Tom and his vocals lyrically tell the story, the lead guitar does its own storytelling through a few small solos and accompaniment.  "Eliot Ness" is a remarkably well put together song from the first note to the last.

Ghosts of Eden finish the second half of the EP as strong as they started it with the driving tracks "Capsize" and "Heartbreak Crutch"  Both of which are considerably more forceful vocally and faster paced then the two that preceded them.  Of all the tracks on the EP,  I felt right at home with "Heartbreak Crutch" as it seems to best capture the grunge rock influences that the band built their musical foundation on.  

Whether you are able to catch Ghosts of Eden live this Spring on the East Coast or just find that you need some new tunes to fill your iPod to make it through the end of Winter, adding "Ignorance & Lies" to your collection is a great way start 2011.

-Album Review by Chris Brach

"Ignorance & Lies" is currently available on iTunes

Learn more about Ghosts of Eden by clicking here

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