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Another Black Hour on Rocksposure Radio

Have you ever heard of Daisy Duke? Daisy was from Hazzard, Georgia along with the Duke boys and the whole gang. Seven Year Itch comes to you also from the small town of Hazard.....Kentucky that is. A small town located in the mountains of Kentucky, which was built on strong family bonds and hard work.

Over the years plenty of music has came from our small town, bluegrass, country, roots, and now rock and roll. That is right Seven Year Itch is here to rock and we hope you will support us through all our endeavors on our way to the top!

Armed with a mixture of southern living, musical ability, and showmanship, we promise you a show you wont ever forget. From our heavy guitar, to the bashing of drums, thumping bass, and vocals that would make Simon Cowell smile, We are making rock music fresh again!

Former Members of Eleven Sixteen, Kyle and Peyton Wooton decided, that it was time to step it up a notch, and show the world they have what it takes! A few months after deciding to start a new band, Peyton came across Jeremy Farmer, once Peyton heard him sing, he Knew that was who the band needed behind the microphone! Jamie Turner who was also a previous member of Eleven Sixteen came back and rejoined to play bass in the band!

Peyton says " you know we have played with more people than I have underwear, but for some reason this time its different." The man behind the drums who is also Peyton's older brother Kyle also agrees in say, "We have played with some great people who are great musicians, but this time seems like it has a different feel to it!"

All in all Seven Year Itch is a group of guys from Kentucky, who love music, and want to show their talents off to the world! We leave you with message from the band, "Hey we put our pants on like everyone else, we dont want to be worshiped as gods, we are just people, we are the kind of people who will sit down and talk to anyone we meet, laugh, and show you some southern hospitality....we just want to ROCK!"

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