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2010 brought an assortment of music and artists from coast to coast that seemed to surprise us more as each month went by.  With so many different songs from so many different genres of rock, it was difficult to come up with a single list of the best songs we Rocksposed in 2010.  So instead of coming up with one list of top songs, we asked each of the key contributors (who regularly dedicate their valuable free time to the site) to choose their favorite Rocksposed songs of 2010.



Chris Brach - Founder/Webmaster

1. Red Letter Merchant -
Simple Vision The album that got the most play in my CD player throughout the year as I made the daily commute back and forth from the “day job” was RLM’s “Leave it All Behind”.  No matter what caught my interest, I always seemed to gravitate back towards their debut release.  As far as my listening preferences go,  “Simple Vision” is the standout on a rock solid album.  It is as great lyrically as it is musically, “Simple Vision” builds and changes so smoothly throughout that it feels like you blink and the almost 5 minute song is over. When the time came to sit down and pick my favorites from 2010, this was without question at the top.

2. Rosabella -
Walk Away If you listen to this guitar intro and turn it off, you just don’t like music, plain and simple.  Rosabella’s latest single further solidifies that the band from Baltimore just keeps getting better.  Everything about “Walk Away” screams rock n’ roll, from the face melting guitar to the crashing cymbals.  If Rosabella keeps getting better at this pace, who knows what’s possible!

3. Blackbells -
Before the Flood Great guitar melodies, excellent vocal effects, and a catchy beat brought this NYC band into my top five of 2010.  The NY scene is well represented on Rocksposure, and Blackbells captures the unique sound of the Big Apple as well as anyone!

4. The Sunshine Getaway -
Open Windows A great song, supported with a great video.  Our first band from across the pond has a sound that is radio ready NOW.  The Sunshine Getaway have one of the best female rock singers that I've heard to date with a band that is more than up to the task of backing her up.

5. Day’s Distance -
Cant Kill Me  When you push play and the opener leaves you feeling like you got hit by a Mack truck, you know you are in for a treat.  Hands down this was the best opening track that I heard on an album all year and there was no way it was going to be left out of my top 5!


Joey Tayler - Editor / Lead Writer

1. The Wildbirds -
Money in My Hand
“Slow it down,” mumbles Nicholas Stuart, tumbling out of bed just as his woman is storming towards the door. He shakes the cobwebs and hits the chorus just a she grabs the doorknob -- “You were like money in my hand!” Well ain’t that the wooing every girl dreams about. But then the song goes all Rolling Stones on her, bluesy Keith Richards bluster snapping Stuart out of his stupor, and a backhanded “I’m sorry” becomes one of the year’s catchiest hooks. She can’t resist that mixed-up, hung-over, helpless slacker charm. Neither can we.

2. Sleeping in the Aviary
Marias Ghost  &  3. Last Kiss on a Sinking Ship
Two of Elliot Kozel’s most morbid masterpieces, home at last after tickling and terrifying concert-goers for the better part of a year. Sleeping in the Aviary really will do anything for a laugh, whether it’s punctuating “Maria’s” fatal S&M mishap with a trombone and accordion shuck and jive or gargling water to Method-act drowning lovers.

4. The Ragadors -
Bottom Line Babe
Ben Hall booms at a no-good woman he can’t trust and can’t bear to kick out of bed, frantic guitars tearing his hair out while she slinks across the sheets. Hall loses. Milwaukee’s burgeoning blues rock scene wins.

5. Gold Motel -
Fireworks After Midnight
A gorgeous midsummer night’s sigh from Greta Morgan, basking in a beautiful July 4th as it burns out and fades too fast into memory.


Brian "Boyscout" Brach - Music Scout

The Scouts 6

1. Rosabella - "Walk Away"
I’ve scouted out quite a few bands from around the country for the site this year, but of all the songs that I came across, my favorite for the year came from the boys from Baltimore, Rosabella, with their latest single “Walk Away”.  Musically this song has it all, starting out with an awesome guitar solo that sets the pace for this song.  Anthony’s vocal performance is his best yet, as it really shows his versatility and range.  The vocal styling of Rosabella is really refreshing to me, it is good to hear that not everything these days has to have a metal or punk feel to sound cool.  That considered, all five members of the band really seem to have a voice on this track.  The drumming is strong (especially leading into the chorus), the lead and rhythm guitars work in perfect harmony to create a really complete sound, and the bass really lays down the backbone of the song.  Rosabella  seems to have a synergy about them that allows every member to showcase their talents and “Walk Away” really exemplifies that.  If you don’t have Rosabella’s “Walk Away” cranking on CD or MP3 you’re really missing out.  These guys are going places, get on the band wagon now before it’s full!

2. Red Letter Merchant - "Every Life Apart"

3. Phoenix Falling - "Rock and Roll"

4. Willowshade - "Fly"

5. Midnight Sun - "The Sunset"

6. Night Gallery - "Romero"


Kristy Kramer - Photographer

1. The Wildbirds - "Like a Cigarette"
This smoke filled rock tune ala T. Rex makes me want to spend the night in a dive bar with a PBR tallboy in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Bluesy glam rock at its best.

2. Sleeping in the Aviary - "Maria’s Ghost"

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